Screwball Scramble Game

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Push buttons, turn knobs, slide levers... Action and thinking combine into one thrilling challenge!

How quickly can you get to the finish?

Place the ball bearing at its starting point and set the tree-house timer to begin. Launch the ball down the tilting walkway. Roll over the croc across the parallel bars. Bump all over the unstable table. Scramble through the blind maze of tunnels.

Then, finally, to get to the end, spring gloriously through the air from the catapult to land directly on the bell just before the timer stops!

The entire board is controlled by pushing buttons, turning knobs, and sliding levers. And the goal is to finish as fast as you can.

See how quickly your hands can react with the Screwball Scramble obstacle board game!

Screwball Scramble
  • An obstacle board game - maneuver the ball through obstacles quickest
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, quick reaction time, logic
  • Full of interactive, visual excitement
  • Entire board controlled by turning knobs, pushing buttons, sliding levers
  • Decorated with lively animal decals
  • Includes Screwball Scramble board, timer, 2 ball bearings
  • Detailed instructions for play and set up included
  • No batteries required
  • Designed for 1 to 4 players - Beat the clock or see who's fastest!
  • High-quality plastic and metal - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay